Trevor Lawrence

For a typical football team, the quarterback is the leader of the entire roster, whether it’s commanding a huddle, calling plays, making protection checks at the offensive line, or giving the team some pregame hype before kickoff. But based on a recent video of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence, he might not be very good at that last part.

In a video shared by the Jacksonville Jaguars’ official Twitter account ahead of the team’s season-opening game against the Washington Commanders, Lawrence can be seen leading his team out of the tunnel. Before the team takes the field, Lawerence turned back to his teammates and give them a pregame speech.

If Lawrence hoped the speech would motivate and hype his teammates up before the season-opener, it failed miserably.

“First chance to show them what we’re all about,” Lawrence said in a monotone voice. “Let’s go. Play with some swag and have some fun.”

The motivational speech was the opposite of motivating, and the NFL absolutely blasted Lawrence and the Jaguars for it on Twitter.

Ultimately, the speech didn’t work as the Jaguars fell to the Commanders 28-22. Perhaps the team should let someone else give the pregame talk next week. Maybe it will yield better results.

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