Trevor Lawrence at Waffle House (via WDAM's Taylor Curet)

Saturday was quite a night for Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence. After having one of the worst first halves that an NFL quarterback has ever had, he led the Jags in a historic comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers, turning a 27-0 deficit into a 31-30 victory.

After the game, Trevor took to social media to provide the perfect tweet that summed up the evening for him and the Jags.

After that, he celebrated in the most Jacksonville way possible, by hitting up Waffle House for a late-night victory meal.

“Trevor Lawrence celebrating the comeback win at the local Waffle House!,” wrote WDAM’s Taylor Curet, along with two photos of Lawrence in line to get into the iconic Southeastern diner chain.

Naturally, plenty more images and videos of Lawrence enjoying himself at Waffle House emerged.

And of course, the NFL world rejoiced at the sight of Trevor being a man of the people following his huge playoff victory.

“Champion of the People,” said The Ringer’s Danny Heifetz.

“This guy gets it,” said Yahoo! Sports’ Matt Harmon.

“I’ll be damned… Trevor wasn’t kidding when he told us that he was going to [Waffle House]. Just when you think you can’t like a guy more…” wrote Action Sports Jax’s Marcel Robinson

It also sounded like a pretty wonderful and violence-free evening at a Waffle House, which isn’t always a given.

[WDAM’s Taylor Curet]

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