A TSA inspection apparently led to Giants' DT A.J. Francis' mother's ashes being spilled in his luggage.

Many air travelers are familiar with Transportation Security Administration searches that mess up their luggage, but New York Giants’ defensive tackle A.J. Francis had a particularly awful experience on that front Monday. Francis lost his mother Carrie late last month, and recently picked up her ashes. But early Monday morning, he tweeted that the ashes had been spilled in his checked bag, apparently as a result of a TSA inspection, and blasted the agency on Twitter with a photo of the spill. (Language warning.)

The TSA account offered a very limited apology, and Francis was not having it:

He later added that he didn’t mind the search, but was annoyed about the lack of care taken when they put the ashes back:

Francis’ anger here is definitely understandable given the situation, and his frustrations will be familiar to many who have had items lost or damaged in a search. But this seems particularly rough considering the significance of what he was carrying.

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