If the Houston Texans are going to trade quarterback Deshaun Watson, it sure sounds like the Miami Dolphins are going to be the destination. Watson has only waived the Dolphins from his no-trade clause and team owner Stephen Ross has reportedly signed off on the deal so long as Watson’s legal issues are solved.

It’s easy to forget there’s another person on the flip side of all this, current Dolphina quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. If the Watson deal does happen, Tua will presumably lose his starting job and might even find himself as part of the trade package. And even if the deal doesn’t happen, he’ll have to continue to try to compete knowing that his team wanted to replace him but couldn’t.

In other words, things are getting a bit awkward over there. And when Tua was asked about the relationship between him and the franchise right now, his answer was…something.

The double-negative answer certainly seems to cover all the bases. Technically, Tua isn’t saying things are bad, but he’s not not saying it either.

To be fair, Tua did reiterate that he feels like he’s the quarterback and intends to remain so.

But, as he also noted, there are some things in the life of an NFL quarterback that are always out of your control. And the fact that Tua hasn’t even played a full season as a starter and the Dolphins seem fine moving on from him certainly doesn’t seem fair.

[Marcel Louis-Jacques]

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