The Packers and Vikings rivalry has been around since 1961, and has been taken to new heights. Specifically, McDonald’s. Yes, the McDonald’s fast food restaurant.

A fan had tweeted out the following picture after visiting a McDonald’s in a suburb of the Twin Cities. The exact McDonald’s location was not disclosed.

The promotion is centered around the Packers winning games, offering a buy one, get one free promotion on breakfast sandwiches and regular sandwiches if the Packers win. And sure, while there are fans of the Pack living in Minnesota, it’s hard to say that would go over well with the majority.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the manager of the McDonald’s in question said that there had been an accidental shipment of the cups to their store, as well as them accidentally being given out to customers.

If there is a bright side for Vikings fans, it’s this – the store that gave out the Packers cups will still honor the promotion, even though they’re in the heart of Vikings Country. Hey, a free sandwich is nothing to sneeze at!

The Vikings have had a good season, and have actually led the NFC North at times during this NFL season. After this past weekend’s action, the Packers have tied the Vikings for first place in the division, so times aren’t exactly great in the Twin Cities – although they could be worse.

The two teams will close out the season January 3 in Green Bay, and could very well be fighting for the division.

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