It’s pretty safe to say this is the last thing you would probably expect to see on a football field, ever.

We’ve seen Terrell Owens take cheerleaders pom poms and celebrate with them, and sign footballs. We’ve seen Joe Horn pull out a cell phone and make a phone call. We’ve even seen Randy Moss fake-moon the Lambeau Field crowd.

But a pair of bats having sex in the end zone? That’s new, as far as we know.

If there’s an increased bat population in Baltimore, particularly near M&T Bank Stadium, we know why. The bats would be removed by a stadium official.

Maryland’s department of natural resources website says that bats while typically living in hollow trees, are able to find other places to adapt to:

Historically, bats lived in old hollow trees, which unfortunately have been effectively removed from the landscape by humans. Bats have responded to habitat loss by adapting to other available habitats, including houses, barns, country churches, condominiums, townhouses and apartment buildings.

The team went 5-11 last season, finishing third in the NFC North, only finishing ahead of the Cleveland Browns. Perhaps if they have an uptick this year, the bats might be good luck.


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