Chiefs' receiver Tyreek Hill ran through half the Cowboys' defense for this half-ending touchdown.

The Kansas City Chiefs – Dallas Cowboys game Sunday had an amazing finish to the first half. First, Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott ran in for a touchdown on third-and-goal from the Chiefs’ 10:

Following the extra point, Dallas was up 14-3 came with just 13 seconds left. That didn’t leave Kansas City much time for a response, but boy, did they make that time count. The final play of the half came with two seconds left on the clock and the Chiefs on their own 43-yard-line. With the Cowboys playing a prevent defense deep, Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith dropped back and threw a pass to an open Tyreek Hill, who caught it around the Dallas 47. Hill then slowly trotted forward while tight ends Travis Kelce and Demetrius Harris and wide receiver Demarcus Robinson got in position, and then when they started throwing blocks, Hill turned on the afterburners and burst through the rest of the defense for the score. And CBS’ Tony Romo went nuts:

“Look at Hill go! Impossible! Oh my gosh, I’ve never seen that in my entire time in football, and I promise you, [Cowboys’ head coach] Jason Garrett hasn’t either!”

Here’s a replay, with Romo breaking down the different blocks:

That’s quite the play, and Romo’s excitement (even cutting off play-by-play man Jim Nantz at one point) helps illustrate how unusual it was. That was pretty significant too, cutting the 11-point deficit to just four at the half. Kansas City has since taken a 17-14 lead; we’ll see where it goes from here, but Hill and his blockers certainly made this play memorable. And so did Romo.

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  1. Romo may be the most entertaining color guy in the sport. Who knew the guy would be this good?

  2. Gotta say Romo has far surpassed expectations. Unlike Gruden who loves every player he sees, Romo gets excited but will also explain plays and how they come about. He’s given Nantz a lot of energy too, as shown in that TD call.

  3. never seen a guy just freeze a defense like that he so far they were frozen petrified of taking one step in the wrong direction

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