The Chiefs and Bucs played in the late national window this afternoon on CBS, with Tony Romo spending most of the broadcast serving as Tom Brady’s advocate for change in the Tampa Bay offense.

Brady and head coach Bruce Arians have clashed at points this year over schemes and playcalling, and Romo took a few extra opportunities to blame what looked to most observers like just plain bad throws on the coaching itself.

That storyline, though, played out amidst a more attention-grabbing one: Tyreek Hill absolutely going off for the Chiefs, especially in the first quarter.

Hill would add a third score shortly after:

Hill finished the night with a 269-yard (2nice) game, racking up a healthy portion of Patrick Mahomes’ 462 yards on just 13 catches. For Brady, meanwhile, it was a mixed bag. There were a few shaky interceptions:

But he also had some trademark big-time throws, usually to Mike Evans, that kept Tampa in the game.

In the end, though, it wasn’t enough, with the Chiefs converting late to seal it via their top connection on the day.

And that was it, with Kansas City moving to 10-1 on the season and knocking Tampa Bay down to 7-5. Brady’s first year outside of New England has certainly been rockier than maybe was expected, and he and Arians certainly have a lot to work out, from the sound of it.

But they should still be solidly in the playoffs, assuming a late-season collapse, and you should never count out Touchdown Tom.

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