The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills in overtime on Sunday in what many are already saying is one of the best NFL games in years. While there are many people involved in the epic victory, especially quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs are very thankful for Tyreek Hill’s speed to save them when they needed it most.

With just over one minute left to play, it was Hill who raced down the field on a 64-yard touchdown run to give the Chiefs a 33-29 lead. While the Bills would respond, at the time it felt like a potentially game-clinching score and ensured that Kansas City would be in this game to the very end.

While the booster jets that Hill calls legs were insanely impressive, a lot of watchers couldn’t get over the fact that Hill threw up the peace sign as a defender who was still ahead of him and had an angle on him at the time.

You know you’re fast when you feel confident throwing up the deuces while a guy is a solid yard ahead of you. The NFL world on social media certainly got a kick out of that kind of confidence as well.

A lot of people did note that this would appear to be textbook taunting under the NFL rules that have been enforced all season long.

However, the penalty wasn’t called, perhaps because the referees didn’t want to influence the game at that moment. And ultimately, unless you’re a Bills fan, you’re probably fine with that.

We’ll see what kind of speedy hijinks Hill can get up to on the field next weekend when the Chiefs host the Cincinnati Bengals for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

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