Liz Truss at a Cleveland Browns game

On Monday, Liz Truss was officially named Britain’s next prime minister after she won an election among Conservative Party members. While it’s hoped that she’ll carry herself with honor and dignity while owning her mistakes, the fact that she’s a Cleveland Browns fan doesn’t inspire any of that.

Eagle-eyed folks on Twitter dug into her feed to find out more about the person who will be in charge of the United Kingdom as of Tuesday and discovered a tweet from 2018 in which she very clearly proclaims herself a big Browns fan.

Truss, adorning a Cleveland jersey and holding up a mediocre hot dog, can be seen attending the September 20, 2018 game between the Browns and New York Jets. That’s notable because not only was she correct, that it was time for a Browns win, but that just so happened to be the win that snapped Cleveland’s 19-game and 635-day losing streak dating back to 2016.

What does it all mean? Who knows. But while it might have been charming and folksy to be a Cleveland Browns fan in 2018, that tells a very different story in 2022 as the team put its full support behind Deshaun Watson, who was credibly accused of sexually assaulting over 20 women and is about to begin serving an 11-game suspension.

Regardless, the realization that the new Prime Minister roots for the Browns garnered some interesting reactions.

[Liz Truss]

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