Tom Brady Under Armour

When Tom Brady finally retires from football, he has a career as a salesman and product peddler already locked into place. While he’s currently selling a $200 cookbook so that you can eat like a four time Super Bowl Champion, he’s added another item for the home to his list: pajamas. Tom Brady pajamas.

Under Armour, a Brady sponsor, is now selling “athlete recovery sleepwear”, which the company claims will help wearers sleep better with “infrared energy” that absorbs your body heat which helps regulate metabolism and reduce inflammation and swelling. For the cool price of between $80 and $100, you can buy shirts, shorts and pants that all claim to pull off this trick. They also come with a sleep tracking app, because of course they do.

So if you want to rest and recover like Tom Brady, which would unfortunately include going to bed at 9 PM most nights, you can buy some “athlete recovery sleepwear” to sleep like a champion, whatever that means.

I have a feeling we’ll all soon be seeing this stuff advertised at the time when everyone should be sleeping: the 4 AM infomercials that we all end up accidentally watching when we wake up in the middle of the night and left the TV on by accident.

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