Brock Osweiler is, in fact, still tall.

One of the most common comments about Brock Osweiler through his stints with Arizona State, the Denver Broncos, the Houston Texans, the Cleveland Browns and now the Broncos again is that he’s tall. Yes, Osweiler (listed as 6’7”, 235 pounds) does have significant height, even by the standards of NFL pocket passers. But it’s funny that “tall” is one of the first descriptions that comes to mind when his head coach is asked to comment on him. Here’s Nicki Jhabvala of The Denver Post:

Was Joseph worried that Osweiler wouldn’t look tall? Or that he would look tall and not actually be tall? There are so many questions here, and this is perhaps the least inspiring attempt to pump up people about Osweiler since the Browns’ checkdown-pass hype video last month.  And Jhabvala followed this up with another great tweet:

Meanwhile, Osweiler himself had perhaps an even better quote, about how he doesn’t have regrets about leaving Denver 18 months ago to sign a $72 million contract to be the starter in Houston, but how it ended badly:

That could bring a whole new meaning to “hot stove league.” But hey, at least Osweiler is back where he’s happy now. And Jhabvala’s story has some interesting comments from former Broncos’ quarterback Jake Plummer (who worked with Osweiler on footwork in Idaho earlier this year) about how it’s unfortunate that Osweiler’s the only one blamed for his lack of success in Houston:

“A lot of people, it’s funny, they’re mad at him for signing a huge contract,” Plummer said. “I just think it’s such a funny twist that a team signs him to a contract and they don’t give him much coaching, or very little coaching at all, and he doesn’t do well and now he’s a bust. I think that those guys are busts. Rick (Smith), great guy, but no one says anything about him being a bust as a GM to bring in and pay a guy that much, but it’s all on Brock because he didn’t perform. I just think it’s funny.”

In any case, though, Osweiler has managed to land another NFL job. And he is, in fact, still tall.

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