Fans are awful, and fans of rivals are even worse. Fans of bad teams playing at night when the home team loses? That’s the worst, and that leads to huge post-game fights between invading Cowboys fans and, in this case, the home Washington Redskins faithful.

Note: this video is NSFW, with lots of cursing, and a guy who reportedly got stabbed.

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That wasn’t the only fight at the game Monday night, as at least one fracas was caught on tape in the stands.

Look, we get that you don’t like each other, and the Washington loss was a devastating blow to a team that had a inside track at the division title, but stabbing a guy? How bad does the trash talk have to get to stab a guy who wears a different color shirt than you at a football game?

I know tensions run hot and alcohol is involved and there are terrorists on the loose in sleepy American towns so it’s naive of me to say “why is there all this unnecessary violence at a football game” but dammit, why is there all this unnecessary violence at a football game.

Dallas won. Move on with your lives. All of you. And stop stabbing people, even if they root for the other team, and even if that team is the Cowboys.

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