Before the Bengals-Steelers Wild Card Game, Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger called out talented young receiver Martavis Bryant, issuing a “challenge” and saying he needed to “toughen up.”

How did Bryant respond to the public challenge from his quarterback?  Oh, just by ONLY CATCHING ONE OF THE MOST PSFHODJFLSDAIPNF!!! TOUCHDOWNS IN NFL HISTORY.  (Yes, that’s an adjective by the way.)

Watch as Bryant catches the ball and then somehow traps it behind his leg, while simulatenously doing a somersault.  Somehow, some way, he maintains possession through the process of the catch…. while defying the laws of physics at the same time.

Check it out again on instant replay and be amazed.

We may have no clue what exactly constitutes a catch in the NFL, but no matter what the rules are, that’s one of the greatest ones you will ever see.