The famous rapper Shawn Carer — also known as Jay-Z — is well known for many songs, but one that sticks out is “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” That song is extremely relevant during another crazy week in the NFL.

During their 33-16 blowout win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Oakland Raiders received an unlikely penalty. More specifically, Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree received an odd flag.

Right before the end of the first half, Crabtree caught a two-yard touchdown pass from Derek Carr.

After catching the touchdown, Crabtree threw the pigskin in the air and brushed at his shoulder (technically he didn’t brush any “dirt off of it”). That simple gesture resulted in an unsportsmanlike penalty.

That’s right. NFL players are no longer allowed to throw a ball a couple feet in the air and point at their shoulders. God forbid a kicker points at his toe.

The NFL’s celebration policy that bans a long list of gestures and dances is starting to get too long. Heck just a couple dances is too long. Regardless, it’s ridiculous that players CAN’T POINT AT THEIR SHOULDERS.

However, this is where things get tricky. Crabtree technically wasn’t flagged for pointing at his shoulders. Instead, he was flagged for a “throat slash” motion. A throat slash. Watch it again and see if it looks like a “throat slash.”

It doesn’t. This is what a “throat slash” looks like.

Michael Crabtree was given a penalty for pointing at his shoulder. Josh Brown is still getting paid by the New York Giants.


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