Everson Griffen asked fans to name his son.

Crowdsourcing ideas isn’t uncommon, but it’s unusual to see a NFL player do it in the middle of a game. That’s perhaps especially true when it’s to crowdsource ideas for the name of his child.

Minnesota Vikings’ defensive end Everson Griffen did just that Thursday against the Detroit Lions, though, recording a sack of Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford and then lifting up his jersey to reveal a message on his undershirt asking fans what he should name his just-born son. Here’s the sack:

And here’s the sideline report from Fox’s Erin Andrews on Griffen’s son being born this morning, with a close-up of his message:

The Vikings’ Twitter account tweeted this out as well, and they got plenty of suggestions. However, many of them weren’t exactly good:

That does tend to be the problem when asking the internet for names. Oh well, at least all of those names are still better than poor Fox Sports 1 Onrait.

[Ben Koo on Clippit]

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