Moritz Boehringer

The Minnesota Vikings decided to take a flier in the sixth round on Moritz Boehringer, an athletic receiver prospect from Germany, making him the first ever player drafted out of Europe in league history. Boehringer wasted little time in signing his contract.

As a result of being from abroad in Germany, Boehringer has to apply for a P-1 visa, which can only be granted to those that have a job. Because the visa can take time to process, Boehringer was quick to sign his rookie contract. With a four-year, $2.49 million contract and a $150,000 signing bonus, Boehringer now has that covered.

Not only is he the first player to be drafted from Europe, he was the first rookie from this draft class to sign a contract.

Now that he is signed, it’s time to get to work. And Boehringer had a pretty bold statement for what he hopes to accomplish in the NFL – he wants to be the NFL’s Dirk Nowitzki.

While Boehringer is not guaranteed a roster spot with Minnesota, his athletic ability certainly makes him a very intriguing prospect, especially on a Vikings team looking for more athleticism and consistency from its receiving corps. But from the way it sounds, Boehringer is ready to begin training camp and the uphill battle towards the 53-man roster.

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