Cropped Von Miller

Von Miller isn’t messing around when it comes to contract negotiations.

The Denver Broncos were recently invited to the White House to celebrate the team winning Super Bowl 50. DeMarcus Ware, head coach Gary Kubiak, Peyton Manning, general manager John Elway, and Miller decided to take a picture at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Miller, who’s in the middle of negotiations for a long-term contract, used the photo-op to send a message to his GM.

Miller reposted an Instagram photo by Ware but decided to crop out Elway almost entirely from the picture. It’s hilarious. Miller really wanted to send a message that as long as he doesn’t have a contract, Elway doesn’t belong on his Instagram feed.

#Repost @demarcusware ・・・ One of those forever memories …

A photo posted by Von Miller (@vonmiller) on Jun 10, 2016 at 6:03am PDT

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Miller intentionally cropped out Elway because he’s unhappy with how his contract negotiations have made it into the public eye. That’s one way to show you’re unhappy with negotiations.

The Instagram post is one of the funniest examples of unnecessary shade I’ve seen. Does Elway honestly care that he’s been cropped out of an Instagram post? Especially when Ware already posted a photo with him in it? It’s the Instagram version of subtweeting.

Miller is going to get paid eventually. Whether that’s a long-term contract with the Broncos or with someone else after next season, he’s going to make serious bank. The negotiations may be messy now, but he’ll likely look back at the post and realize how silly it was to crop out his GM in the first place.


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