Vontaze Burfict is a dirty player. That’s been known for a long time now, thanks to the multiple incidents and multiple suspensions for illegal and dangerous plays. He’s likely looking at at least one more suspension after today, as Burfict was ejected for illegal use of the helmet while spearing Colts TE Jack Doyle after a reception.

Plenty of people on Twitter are hoping Burfict will be looking at more than a suspension:

It was initially flagged as a personal foul, and then before the Colts ran their next play, officials stopped the game for a review of the hit. That  review led to Burfict being ejected.

Considering his lengthy history and the severity of this particular hit, it’s likely Burfict is going to miss some time. Whether it’s a few weeks or the rest of the season or longer remains to be seen.

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