Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL franchise in Washington ditched its racist name ahead of the 2020 NFL season and adopted the “Washington Commanders” name ahead of the 2022 season. But it sounds like there’s a chance that the team could change its name yet again.

According to some recent comments from Marjorie Harris – the wife of majority owner Josh Harris – it sounds like the team is still considering changing the name of the franchise, though it’s not a priority. She also acknowledged that the team would stay the Commanders “for now.”

“As you would imagine, everybody has an opinion about the name,” Harris said according to JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington. “Some good, some bad, some in the middle. And I think that we have a lot of work to do and so that name issue is going to be on the side for now until we can get things going. And I mean quite frankly I had a whole day out in the community and I kept referring to the team as the Commanders and — you know what? — sound pretty good to me. So, for now, it’s the Commanders.”

It sounds like the team’s leadership is still a long way from considering a potential name change, but it’s certainly an option.

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