The NFL recently launched a line of team designed license plates connecting the team to the state they play in. Called the “State Pride License Plate” series, you can pay $29.99 to get the license plate for your favorite team superimposed with the state they play in for that fan who loves both their team and their state.

Not every team is available but there is a selection of about nine teams including the Cowboys, Ravens and Falcons. But there was one license plate in particular that had a rather glaring mistake. The Washington Redskins, which refers to Washington D.C., had their license plate super imposed to the outline of Washington state, which is about 2,800 miles away.

Source: NFL Shop

Washington’s setup is a bit difficult to determine when it comes to designing this license plate. The team doesn’t play inside the District of Columbia anymore and instead play in Maryland while practicing in Virginia. And while it would look weird, it probably makes more sense to have a Redskins plate that incorporates Maryland and Virginia with D.C. in the middle. The NFL had a Panthers plate that incorporated North and South Carolina since the Panthers identify with both states.

Because of the mistake, the NFL took down the wrong Washington plates and probably won’t be selling any of these. But I don’t know why the NFL had to be so hasty in admitting they made a mistake. I have to imagine there are a few Redskins fans in Washington state who would love to have this. Mark them down to $10 and they might be able to sell some of them.

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