Bill Simmons is calling out “bullshit” personal seat licenses at NFL stadiums.

Simmons discussed PSL’s on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday. What are they? A PSL is a paid license which gives purchasing parties the right to buy a certain seat in a stadium. Essentially, on top of the price of season tickets, you pay a costly premium to ensure you’re eligible to buy the seats. Fans are buying the rights to buy the seats. It’s a prime example of the NFL milking every dollar they can.

Simmons discussed how PSL’s are scams that solely exist to add money into ownership’s bottom line and screw fans out of even more money. He mentions St. Louis Rams fans are getting screwed by the move. With their team going to Los Angeles, purchased PSL’s essentially become useless, as they’re nontransferable. Also, certain fans of NFL teams have seen their PSL go down in value due to team struggles.

For those who don’t have to purchase the licenses, it may not seem like a big deal. But, NFL teams offering PSL rights are only doing so to screw over their fans. Season tickets aren’t cheap and paying thousands of dollars just to have “rights” on top of that, is ridiculous.

I don’t expect PSL’s to disappear anytime soon. Owners are pocketing millions for the extra surcharge. As Simmons said, PSL’s are bullshit.


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