The below video has it all to the point where I just don’t think you’ll be able to watch it just once.

You can truly see the gamut of possible reactions to such a soul crushing loss which range from:

– Whatever….we suck and I’m just going to make a beeline for the exit (13 seconds)

– I NEED to throw something (18 seconds)

– I’m paralyzed with disappointment in my football team (19 seconds)

– I must disavow myself from this team by tearing my jersey Hulk Hogan style (25 seconds)

– I need to vocalize my frustrations with comedic usage of expletives (28 seconds)

Like I said, this is top shelf sports schadenfreude so help yourself to multiple viewings and if inclined for an encore there is this, an attempted game winning selfie that obviously goes horribly wrong.

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