That’s not a typo. In a game that featured a 55 yard fake punt for a touchdown, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Atlanta Falcons with one of the rarest scoring plays in the NFL.

After the Falcons scored to go up 28-27 over the Chiefs with less than five minutes to play, they went with conventional logic and went for two. If you convert, you go up 30-27 and force the Chiefs to either score a touchdown or kick a tying field goal and if you don’t convert, you (theoretically) have nothing to lose.

Yeah, there is that scenario where the defending team could force a turnover and run the ball back for two points. But how often does that happen? Surely, that can’t possibly happen here. Right?

Yep, that’s exactly what happened. Matt Ryan threw an interception to Eric Berry and Berry ran the ball back 99 yards for what would end up being the game winning defensive two point conversion.

This scenario is so unlikely to happen that the CBS graphics department didn’t know what to do as they signaled a safety for the Chiefs. Either way, Eric Berry and the Kansas City Chiefs won in highly memorable fashion and at the same time, scared every NFL head coach from going for two for the rest of this season.

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