Marshawn Lynch has used his stardom in the most fascinating of ways. You never know what to expect out of him and it makes for absolutely fantastic entertainment.

The Cal football team honored the former Golden Bears running back on on Saturday night for their home game against the Washington Huskies, and gave away these bobbleheads commemorating the time Lynch drove a cart around on the field:

For those that don’t remember the incident, this may refresh your memory:

Well, if you thought that Lynch wasn’t going to make a memorable return, you haven’t been paying attention the past few years, have you?

You haven’t seen joy in this world until you have seen Lynch riding on a cart with his mother. The expressions coming from this are down right hysterical. It is pure elation from both of them:

The more overhead angle shows that they were pretty darn close to the band. Can you imagine if they ended up hitting a band member? It would add even more to this eclectic legends already growing legacy.

Lynch retired before his career needed to end and that may upset the most die hard football fans. Seeing him bring happiness to many while enjoying life is a very nice consolation prize. You keep doing your thing, Marshawn.

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