One of the most unlikely duos over the past couple of years has been Marshawn Lynch and Conan O’Brien. Lynch has always been media shy but for whatever reason always willing to come onto O’Brien’s program. It isn’t the most likely of matches and because of it, it has produced some great TV. Most notably they teamed up for O’Brien’s segment “Clueless Gamer” and ever since, it has been a match made in heaven.

Lynch came onto the program this time to talk about his retirement and the different philanthropic endeavors he is undertaking. While O’Brien does seem interested, he loves poking and prodding to see how exactly the enigmatic Lynch’s brain works.

Lynch talked about Colin Kaepernick and gave his thoughts on the 49er quarterback’s protest:

Talking about retirement and money, Lynch reveals why he retired:

Can’t blame the man for having his priorities straight. Anyone who wants to retire early and get into a different line of work, more power to them. Lynch looks like he is having a great time doing it too.

O’Brien and Lynch also have a bit of misunderstanding over what “ding ding sauce” could possibly be.

I have never heard of the phrase “ding ding sauce” before this but it will now be added to my everyday vernacular. Lynch may not open up very often but when he does though, it is endlessly entertaining and makes for great television. Who would’ve thought that Lynch would have such an entertaining career path post-football?

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