Gronk Spike wedding

New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski is known for catching things and spiking things, and this apparently extends to when he goes to a wedding. A video posted Saturday shows a bridesmaid handing her bouquet to a groomsman and then running a route, while the groomsman drops back and throws her a pass. Gronkowski then runs through the frame, grabs the bouquet in mid-air, spikes it and even does a celebratory dance with the groomsman:

Hey, with ball-hawking (or bouquet-hawking?) skills like this, perhaps Gronk should play DB as well? Look at him jump that route! In any case, it’s cool to see people having fun with their wedding and putting a different spin on traditions, and Gronk’s participation in this part is certainly different. This also seems a little less likely to cause an injury than, say, his involvement in Wrestlemania, so there shouldn’t be too much for the Patriots or their fans to worry about. (“Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski breaks leg intercepting wedding bouquet” might be the funniest potential ESPN Bottom Line crawl of all time, though.)

There have been plenty of people criticizing Gronkowski and how his partying seems to “get a pass” while others’ similar activities are bashed, and some of that may be fair. But there isn’t much to take exception to here, and it’s cool to see Gronk help to make a wedding memorable for those in attendance. And perhaps the Gronk Spike can become a new wedding tradition. It makes more sense than many of the current ones. And it gave us some fun summer #Gronktent.

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