Two weeks ago, the Dallas Cowboys visited the Washington Football Team and brought some benches with them. While it was initially perceived as a petty move, it was revealed that the Cowboys had been told that the FedEx Field visitor team benches didn’t always work, so they figured they’d take care of themselves.

However, when it comes to the Cowboys and WFT, rivalry can turn anything back into a petty fight.

WFT travels to play all three NFC East rivals on the road in the next four weeks and they intend to stay warm while doing it. According to Mitch Tischler, the team has ordered special heated benches that will travel with the team when they play the Philadelphia Eagles tonight, Dallas Cowboys next weekend, and the New York Giants on January 9.

We should have seen this coming. When the Cowboys brought their benches to FedEx Field, the WFT head coach told reporters that “That’s all gamesmanship that goes with it. It’s part of the mind games people like to play.” And when asked to confirm that his team wouldn’t do the same, he said, “I didn’t say that.”

There’s never a dull moment in the Dallas-WFT rivalry and now Washington has extended the pettiness across the NFC East. Even when it’s down, it’s still one of the meanest divisions in the NFL. And NFL folks on Twitter appreciated the shade.

Washington Football Team and its owner don’t exactly have the best reputation these days, and if they end up losing after lugging their benches all the way up to Philly, sounds like plenty of people will be happy to clown on them about it.

[Mitch Tischler]

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