Off the heels of becoming the new “Official Pizza of the NFL,” Pizza Hut is doing their best to connect themselves with the most popular sport in the country. As Darren Rovell points out, Pizza Hut is going to have a presence at the NFL Draft and one player is going to get lots of pizza.

Pizza Hut revealed that the 78th pick in the NFL Draft will receive free pizza for an entire year. Why is it the 78th pick? It’s explained that because the 78th pick is the 14th pick the third round and 3.14 is the first three digits of Pi and it’s a pizza pie, that’s why. It’s no doubt very convoluted but that’s the reason.

I know, I know, chain pizza isn’t the best kind of pizza and for some, this would be more of a curse than a gift. But I learned to never turn down free pizza. It’s Pizza Hut and it’s not the best but it’s not like it’s terrible either. And if you’re getting it for free, it’s better than nothing. And if worse comes to worse, I’m sure there are food places who would love free pizza for those who need food. I really need to stop sounding like my parents.

This year, the Chiefs are the lucky ones to be holding this pick. Last year, their third round pick was Kareem Hunt so there’s hope for that pick to be able to do something. Unfortunately for the previous players at 78, they aren’t getting pizza.

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