Will Levis

A week ago, many thought that Kentucky quarterback Will Levis was going to go in the first round of the NFL Draft some thought as high as number 2 overall behind Bryce Young.

But what end up happening shocked everyone. Levis dropped out of the first round to the second round of the draft where he was picked up by the Tennessee Titans.

Still not a bad thing for Levis, however, it was a humiliating moment to watch on live TV his fall and a lot of folks are questioning what happened.

Fox College football analyst Joel Klatt believes he knows what happened. Levis got caught up in the draft machine.

“I had a pit in my stomach for Will Levis and it wasn’t like ‘Oh my gosh, he’s slipping!’ It was ‘I can’t believe they’re allowing this,’ because it was completely avoidable,” said Klatt. “I got a lot of blowback on social media when I would say things like hey, I have concerns about Will Levis.”

Klatt basically said he and most of the college football world knew that Levis wasn’t first-round material but NFL experts like ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. kept pushing the idea that he was.

He said Levis dropping to the second round made more sense to him.

“I’m not a part of the draft machine, I am a part of college football so I felt like I had a much more realistic view of what Will Levis was and is than some of these draft people… Those of us that are in college football kind of saw this coming. Will Levis was a victim of the draft machine,” Klatt said.

In the end, Klatt was right.

{The Joel Klatt Show}

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