Packers-Rams highlights, as recreated by Bryan McLoone and the WKBT news team.

Plenty of leagues have numerous detailed rules restricting who can use their highlights when, and that sometimes leads to funny workarounds like LEGO highlights for the World Cup or the NCAA tournament. Well, Bryan McLoone, a sports anchor and reporter for WKBT 8 (the CBS affiliate in La Crosse, Wisconsin) perhaps took that to even a new level Sunday. The Packers’ West Coast game against the Rams was still in progress when McLoone had to deliver a sports update, and that meant he couldn’t use official game highlights. So, with the help of some others at the station, he created his own highlights, reenacting key first-half plays in locations around the building:

“There’s Aaron Rodgers, looking better than normal, I must say” really sells it, as does the championship belt celebration. And the sudden switch from the kicked ball outside to the flicked paper inside on the field goal is terrific. The Packers wound up losing this game 29-27 and falling to 3-3-1 on the year, so if they need to make some personnel changes, they might want to scout the WKBT 8 team. Oh, and McLoone’s Q+A on the WKBT site mentions that his favorite team is the Packers, so this could be a real Invincible situation. Even if he never gets that call, though, McLoone did a great job of producing some creative highlights here.

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