Longtime CFL coach and short-time Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman is now the coach of the XFL’s Tampay Bay Vipers. It’s perhaps the most incongruous fit imaginable, and we got a great example of why at halftime of Tampa Bay’s inaugural contest today.

Trailing 17-0 (also on brand) to Matt McGloin and the New York Guardians, Trestman attempted to fire up the troops for a potential comeback. Here’s what Trestman offered:


Boy, isn’t that inspiring! While the replies to the Vipers tweet were mostly people angry that former USF QB Quinton Flowers wasn’t playing, Chris Emma of 670 The Score in Chicago shared it as well, which brought plenty of Bears fans into the mix as well.

My favorite:


But, hey, maybe that’s what this team needed! After all, they went out and kicked a field goal in the third quarter!

And then lost 23-3.

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