Zach Wilson is a consensus top quarterback prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft, pretty clearly in the top tier along with Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields.

Considering the 49ers gave up a haul of draft picks in order to move up to #3 overall and take whoever of those options is left says a lot about what teams think of that group. Wilson, though, is seen by some as the top prospect, and it’s not hard to see why.

For example, look at this throw from BYU’s pro day workout today, which immediately went viral for obvious reasons:

Okay, yeah, that’s nuts. It’s one thing to throw a ball 50 yards in the air with pinpoint accuracy. It’s something else entirely to do it like Wilson does here, rolling to his left and slinging it across his body without much of a plant at all. It’s absurd, and there’s a reason the commentator stops to note that midsentence.

NFL Draft coverage can occasionally become monotonous, filled with the same cliched evaluations and empty comparisons to current pros that we get every year. Not to mention the somewhat problematic nature of the entire enterprise.

Other times, though, we get ridiculous throws that are just incredible to watch. Thankfully we got one of those highlights today. Thank you, Zach Wilson.

Good luck with, uh, the Jets.

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