The New York Jets are very used to having quarterbacks making some truly terrible, truly hilarious turnovers. Zach Wilson may have officially become a true Jets quarterback on Sunday with a shovel-pass interception for the ages.

The Jets took on the Houston Texans on Sunday and found themselves up 3-0 early with the chance to put even more points on the board. Wilson drove the team to the Texans’ 22 and took the snap on 3rd and 17. After faking a pass, Wilson took off down the middle of the field hoping to scramble for a first down. When that plan seemingly changed, he decided to shovel the ball to Ty Johnson, who was standing a few yards ahead of him. However, Johnson had turned away to block right before Wilson sent the ball his way, so it ended up bouncing off his back, directly into the arms of a Houston defender for the interception.

It’s no butt-fumble, but it’s one of the wilder and sillier interceptions in recent history. Not what Wilson was hoping for when he returned for the first time after being out for a month due to injuries. And there were plenty of fun reactions to the play…and the Jets.

That summed up the start of the day for Wilson, who came into the day with just four passing touchdowns against nine interceptions. However, he rushed for a touchdown later on and has the Jets ahead of the Texans in the fourth quarter. If New York can hold on, they’ll win their third game of the season and their first road game of the year. Maybe that butt-ception is just what they needed to spark something, which would be very New York Jets, to be honest.

[Houston Texans]

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