The only situation more drawn out than the Baker Mayfield saga in Cleveland is the Jimmy Garoppolo saga with the San Francisco 49ers. You could argue this one has been essentially happening for a year now as it’s long been known that the franchise was planning to move on from him to make room for Trey Lance at quarterback.

The understanding has been that because Jimmy G needed shoulder surgery and time to heal from it, the 49ers would wait until that situation was done before aggressively offering him up on the trade market. That still appears to be the case and it also appears that both sides are fine with the situation.

Case in point, the veteran quarterback has been excused from mandatory minicamp next week, per Tom Pelissero.

Even without the drama surrounding his impending departure, it makes a lot of sense to let Garoppolo sit out this session. He’s still rehabbing from shoulder surgery and it’s unlikely he would have been able to contribute in any meaningful way anyway. Instead, the Niners can focus on getting Lance as many reps as possible while also letting Garoppolo heal so he becomes a better trade target.

It also likely means that Jimmy has already spent his last day in 49ers’ facilities as it’s only a matter of time before they trade or cut him, depending on how it all shakes out.

[Tom Pelissero]

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