Welcome to Hockey Fights of the Week! If you’re new to this column, the premise here is pretty simple. Each week, we gather up the five best fights from the previous week in the NHL, rank them and present them to you for your viewing enjoyment. That’s it!

There weren’t very many fights to rank this week as cooler heads consistently prevailed out on the ice. There were some huge hits, but few arguments escalated any further. That being said, we present you with the five best from a pretty small group.

5. Brayden McNabb (LA) vs Troy Brouwer (CGY)

In a normal week, this fight probably wouldn’t make our list. It starts out pretty well, but then the action fades in a hurry with both players effectively neutralizing one another.

Though this fight won’t be on any lists highlighting the year’s best, it is an interesting comparison between Brouwer — the older, more experienced player — and McNabb — the younger, taller player who still has a lot to prove in the NHL. This time age beat out youth, as Brouwer was the one who was able to catch McNabb with a few jabs before things wore down to a halt.

4. Mark Borowiecki (OTT) vs Braydon Coburn (TB)

This fight pops up out of nowhere, breaking out when it seemed the two teams were preparing to resume play following a whistle. When the camera finally catches on, Borowiecki and Coburn have already tossed their equipment and are engaged in a pretty good wrestling match.

From there, Coburn dictates the play and Borowiecki looks content to just try and tackle his opponent. There’s no real question who won this one.

3. Gabriel Landeskog (COL) vs Sean Couturier (PHI)

It’s been a horrible year for Landeskog and the Avalanche and that’s putting things kindly. Blake Comeau’s decision on a breakaway should be all the evidence you need about Colorado’s season. But in case you need more, Landeskog also came up empty when he fought Couturier.

That’s being a bit too harsh on Landeskog — he really isn’t that bad — but it’s easy to pile on the Avalanche when they’re about to complete a historically bad season.

2. Joseph Cramarossa (VAN) vs Micheal Haley (SJ)

This fight was short, but it’s worth featuring simply for the left Haley gets in before Cramarossa tumbles to the ice. Both players have dropped the mitts regularly in 2016-17 (10 for Haley, eight for Cramarossa), so it’s slightly disappointing fans weren’t treated to more of a marquee matchup. These two could put on a great show if all of the conditions were right.

Regardless, Haley’s quick left caught Cramarossa completely by surprise and this one ended before it really ever started.

1. Jordin Tootoo (CHI) vs Cody McLeod (NSH)

The diminishing role of enforcers in the NHL means our weekly rankings are usually filled with a random collection of names, but there are still a handful of players who pop up pretty frequently. Tootoo and McLeod have some of the longest fighting resumes in the NHL and their fight above represents the second time they’ve battled one another.

Almost exactly five years ago, McLeod narrowly won a fight against Tootoo. This time it’s more of the same, with McLeod again winning by a nose. Some may prefer to call it a draw, but we’re giving McLeod the decision simply because he was able to do more once he got his arm out of his sleeve.

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