Welcome to Hockey Fights of the Week! If you’re new to this column, the premise here is pretty simple. Each week, we gather up the five best fights from the previous week in the NHL, rank them and present them to you for your viewing enjoyment. That’s it!

Who had the best bout this week? That title goes to a familiar veteran for the second time in as many weeks.

5. Jason Chimera (NYI) vs Brandon Manning (PHI)

The Flyers and Islanders may be one of our new favorite matchups to follow. In a recent encounter, the two teams dropped the gloves three separate times and produced a couple fights which were good enough to make this list of the week’s best.

The one above comes from Chimera and Manning who looked like they had about enough of each other by the third period. When the two finally dropped their mitts, they were swinging for the fences. Check out the windups on some of those punches!

4. Travis Hamonic (NYI) vs Dale Weise (PHI)

Our second featured fight between the Islanders and Flyers comes courtesy of Hamonic and Weise. This is a great battle at center ice and is a tight encounter without any clear winner.

At first, we wanted to give the win to Weise, as at one point he had Hamonic completely turned around and facing the wrong direction. That’s obviously a problem in a fight, but Hamonic responded well and turned the tables in order to secure a draw.

3. Cody McLeod (NSH) vs Kevan Miller (BOS)

Another week, another McLeod fight featured in our list. The Nashville tough guy represents the old guard of NHL enforcers who are being slowly phased out of the league, but he’s not going down quietly. McLeod has been running over just about everyone he fights and that’s once again true against Miller.

It’s also pretty hilarious how this fight starts. The two teams start pushing and shoving, but as things are calming down, McLeod pops Noel Acciari in the back of the helmet. That results in yet another McLeod fight which he — spoiler alert — performs extremely well in. Miller isn’t bad, but put another win on McLeod’s record.

2. Dalton Prout (NJ) vs Wayne Simmonds (PHI)

We realize this is the third fight on our list involving the Flyers, but we swear it’s not because we’re biased. In fact, watch the video above before you say we’re biased because Simmonds doesn’t fair too well against Prout.

This fight starts out in the middle of lots of chaos and confusion, but when Simmonds and Prout emerge, they put on a great show. This is also a tale of two fighting styles. Simmonds is going for the one-punch KO while Prout is just trying to land as many punches as possible. Prout’s style comes out on top because Simmonds’ accuracy was a bit off. But if one of those would have connected, we’d be writing a very different story.

1. Jarome Iginla (LA) vs Deryk Engelland (CGY)

For the second time in two weeks, Iginla again tops the list of the week’s best fights. After a mostly quiet season with the Kings, Iginla has been on fire of late, contributing both offensively and with his toughness.

For starters, this fight begins with a great standoff. There’s something special about a fight which starts off slowly as the two players ditch their equipment and the excitement builds in the crowd. When the punches start flying, Iginla outmuscles Engelland in a physical, gritty fight.

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