When you order Papa John’s for delivery, the standards aren’t sky high: just make sure the pizza is warm enough and tastes good enough that you actually want to digest it.

For some in the Washington D.C. area, they had a pleasant surprise when having their pizza delivered. Instead of the typical 16-year-old that probably smoked a blunt on his way to your house, these folks received their pizza from the one and only Alexander Ovechkin. Turns out he can deliver more than flashy play on the ice.

It’s just good to see people recognizing Ovi. One has to wonder if there were some who didn’t and therefor got left out of the video.

The Washington Capitals star has appeared in previous commercials for Papa John’s, including this very theatrical commercial.

Then, there is a clip that will make you shake your head. Ovi was asked about his favorite pizza toppings. His answer is startling.

Good lord. That sounds absolutely disgusting. As if Pineapple isn’t bad enough, now you want to add mushrooms to the mix? Give me a break. Plus, I can’t imagine that loaded up of a pizza is very good for someone who has this many physical demands. How about we stick to cheese, Alex?


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