When Alexander Radulov signed a five-year, $31.25 million contract with the Dallas Stars this summer, he said he simply wanted to play hard and win. Based on his first game in a Dallas uniform, he certainly has the “hard” part down, as evidenced by this huge hit on Cody Eakin of the Vegas Golden Knights.

With the puck turned over and the Golden Knights pushing it up the ice, Radulov waited just out of sight of the camera before rushing in and leveling an unsuspecting Eakin.

That’s a good, clean hockey hit. Radulov’s timing was right on the money, catching Eakin with his head down as he skated in the neutral zone. Radulov then lowered his shoulder, planting it into a Eakin’s shoulder.

One of the best parts of the hit is that both teams realized it was clean and no one rushed over to try and fight Radulov. How often have you seen a big hit bring play to a screeching halt? Hits like these are what make hockey, hockey.

Radulov didn’t experience his first win with the Stars as the Golden Knights edged out a 2-1 victory, but it’s safe to assume he should be on the winning side of the puck a good amount of the time if he continues to play with the same kind of tenacity and ferociousness seen in his Dallas debut.

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