Andrew Shaw hasn’t been much of a factor in the playoffs for the Montreal Canadiens so far, but he’s still capable of pulling off a play which must be seen to be believed.

While practicing before his team’s Game 4 match against the New York Rangers on Tuesday night, Shaw had some time to work on his stickhandling and dangling skills. Many players will work on their coordination by flipping a puck into the air before catching it on their stick. Shaw took that idea to a whole new level.

Watch as he flips a puck off the roof of Madison Square Garden before catching it cleanly on his stick.

That’s an incredible display of hand-eye coordination. Shaw was competing with Brendan Gallagher to see who could flip a puck off the roof and catch it first and, as the video shows, Shaw emerged as the winner.

It goes without saying that this is incredibly difficult to pull off. Shaw may have had an extremely slow start to the playoffs with the Canadiens, but he’s at least still having some fun with his team during the morning skate.

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