The Boston Bruins put this goat in a Tom Brady jersey on their Zamboni.

We often see teams rooting for the teams from their city in other sports, but the Boston Bruins have found quite the unusual way to express that. Ahead of the New England Patriots facing the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII Sunday, the Bruins were hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs Saturday night. And there’s of course been a lot of talk about Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady as the greatest of all time, a label once even given to him by head coach Bill Belichick. (Before this year’s “strained relationship!” saga.) So, naturally, the Bruins put a plastic goat in a Brady jersey on their Zamboni as it cleaned the ice between periods.

The only way to make this scene even more Boston might be having Bill Simmons retweet a version of it intercut with scenes from The Departed and Kyrie Irving highlights while “Shipping Up To Boston” plays. And at least this goat was better-dressed than former Bruins coach and current CBC commentator Don Cherry. (And possibly more knowledgeable about global warming, too.) But the Bruins should be careful. Goats haven’t always worked out well for sports teams.

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