The 2017 edition of ESPN’s Body Issue will feature two of the best beards in sports. Brent Burns and Joe Thornton will strip down for ESPN the Magazine’s annual look at the best and most interesting bodies in the world of athletics.

If you can’t wait for the issue when it comes out on July 7th, here’s a quick preview which highlights a rather interesting pose with a nude Thornton and Burns.

Both players have some pretty epic beards, but Burns is the clear winner in the tattoos department.

Here’s another look of Burns and Thornton preparing for their shoot, this time wearing some Body Issue robes.

Things might get beard indeed.

Though this apparently isn’t the first time this has happened, according to teammate Jason Demers.

Based on the short clip above, it looks like Burns and Thornton will be featured simultaneously which should give the hockey community plenty of jokes for the upcoming season. The duo spent years together playing for the San Jose Sharks, but with Thornton looking for a new deal ahead of the 2017-18 season, it’s possible that the last time we’ll see the two players together will be in a nude setting. No one could have predicted that.

Thornton and Burns won’t be the only representatives from the world of hockey as several members of the U.S. women’s hockey team will also strip down for the issue.

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