Brian Burke just stirred up the rumor mill out in Calgary and it unfortunately has nothing to do with the fun offseason player rumors fans enjoy following.

Serving as the President of Hockey Operations for the Calgary Flames, Burke was asked to speak to the Canadian Club of Calgary and he dropped quite a few noteworthy quotes. The biggest – and most controversial – included saying the Flames could be on the move if they aren’t able to build a new arena.

First, Burke bashed the team’s current arena which admittedly has been through quite a bit.

Then, he went on to mention the one idea Flames fans have been dreading:

If you haven’t been following the situation in Calgary, the Flames proposed a massive $890 million complex, but the team and city were unable to come to terms on a deal. That project was described as being “dead” as recently as April and that appears to have at least some members of the Flames’ front office thinking about a new home.

So, which destination?

Burke reportedly mentioned one familiar location.

The Flames currently play in one of the oldest buildings in the NHL and may have a legitimate argument regarding their arena. However, the fans and local taxpayers also have a legitimate argument about what their money goes to, particularly when it involves a massively expensive project such as a new arena.

Flames fans might be sad to hear this news, but they may be pleased to know one audience member was able to completely burn Burke before the interview ended.

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