Canucks and Bruins Prior to Sunday’s game, the Canucks and Bruins were both wearing white jerseys.

In hockey games, as in all team sporting events, it’s necessary for the two teams to wear different colored uniforms. The reason is obvious. If everyone is wearing the same colored shirt, it’s going to be hard for the players, officials, fans and anyone else to differentiate the two teams. But while it’s necessary, being sure that the two teams are wearing different uniforms is usually an easy step. That wasn’t the case, though, for the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins on Sunday.

When the Canucks and Bruins came out for their pregame warmups, both teams were in white sweaters.

The Bruins donned their white retro sweaters, apparently not telling anyone that they were going to do so.

Hockey fans had a lot of fun with the mishap.

As fascinating as it would be to watch two teams wearing the same color jerseys, it’s not the best idea. Hockey is a dangerous enough game as it is. Imagine what it would be like if teammates were checking each other. Something had to give here.

Given that the Bruins were the home team on Sunday and likely had easier access to darker-colored sweaters than the Canucks, Boston players changing their sweaters was the obvious move.

That’s exactly what happened.

For the sake of everyone’s collective sanity, that’s probably for the best.

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