Bubble hockey

For those who like hockey, the concept of bubble hockey usually refers to the tabletop foosball-esque game with hockey players. However, the Detroit Red Wings put on a different kind of bubble hockey game between periods of Sunday’s game against the New York Rangers.

Players were put in those inflatable balls you’ve always wanted to try out. With an oversized puck, the goal of the game was to put the puck into the net. Check out the action here.

Wow, this is actually pretty funny to watch, and it seems extra challenging. These folks are playing with a giant ball around them. There isn’t a lot of room to sneak around. It appears you have about two seconds to move with the ball before somebody is going to run into you and knock you down.

This is also fun because throughout the video it looks like people are getting run over. The first couple times I saw collisions, I was worried for the safety of the players. However, they are landing on plastic. There’s no harm to the players, so we can laugh at the big collisions and not worry as much about concussions.

I can get behind this type of hockey. Get me some plastic, an oversized puck and let’s get playing.

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