Connor McDavid is already one of the best hockey players in the game, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he seems like a great person as well.

McDavid visited Rheanna Trepanier, a 10-year-old from Edmonton who is fighting terminal brain cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease early in November and has needed several surgeries since doctors discovered four tumors in her brain.

Trepanier was informed during this process that she only has months to live. Knowing this, she made a list of items she wanted to get accomplished before Christmas. One of the items was meeting the captain of her favorite team, Connor McDavid.

The media picked it up and on Monday before her treatments a special guest came to visit with a bunch of gifts.

Other items on her bucket list are going to be accomplished shortly according to Global News.

“Thanks to the outpouring of generosity, the Trepanier family is in the process of setting up dog-sledding tours, horseback riding adventures and a trip to Legoland, which will also check off Rheanna’s wish to go on a plane ride.”

Seeing how much she is kicking the cancer’s butt already, don’t be surprised if she is able to do it all and much, much more.


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