Connor McDavid is on an entirely different level. That’s something you’ve probably read and seen countless times ever since McDavid broke into the NHL back in 2015-16, but now he’s busting out moves that look like they belong in some sort of glitched version of NHL 18.

Before jumping into the clip, it is worth watching Brent Seabrook do … whatever it is that he did on this play. Not the best kind of defense on a player like McDavid.

It’s difficult to find new adjectives to praise McDavid each time he does something brilliant. Despite facing away from the goal, McDavid was able to back in and twist Duncan Keith in the wrong direction before spinning and delivering a perfect pass for Patrick Maroon to bury.

This looks like some kind of video game play where the computer was set to the easiest difficulty setting possible. Even then, that’s one bad play by the computer. What was Seabrook doing? McDavid deserves all of the praise, but Seabrook and Keith should have at least given him a few shoves to the back or tried to close him down a bit earlier.

At this point, hockey fans should be asking what’s next for McDavid. He’s making the crazy look fairly routine and is showing no signs of slowing. He’s already believed to be one of the best players in the NHL (if not the best player), but with each passing play, the gap between him and every other player seems to grow larger.

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