Dallas Stars in-game entertainment is once again on point.

The internet exploded following White House press secretary Sean Spicer calling out the media for deliberately misleading the general public about the attendance at president Donald Trump’s inauguration. Spicer claimed photos showing a considerable drop in attendance from Barack Obama’s past inaugurations were “intentionally framed” to paint Trump in a bad light. Spicer’s bending of the truth became an instant meme (#SeanSpicerFacts) with everybody from Steve Kerr to Doc Rivers poking fun at his inane comments.

The Stars — jumbotron joke experts in their own right — took on Spicer’s alternative facts, putting up a graphic claiming Saturday’s matchup against the Washington Capital was attended by more than 1.5 million people – the same number Trump boasted:

It’s an expert troll job on Trump and Spicer’s ridiculous claims.

Of course 1.5 million fans didn’t attend the game. The American Airlines Arena only has a 20,000 seat capacity. Ridiculous, right? Well…


Regardless of where you stand on politics, the suggested number is patently ridiculous and heightened by Spicer’s bizarre defense. The Stars realized this and decided to poke fun at them.

I’m sure some are going to tell the Stars to #StickToSports, but it’s so much more fun when pro sports organizations have some fun and play on the edge. Well done.

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