Ken Daneyko at the Devils' "80s Night."

It’s been quite the week for retro hockey. Following the Los Angeles Kings’ 90s “Throwback Night” (complete with glow puck on replays and Thomas Middleditch as a sports reporter caricature), the New Jersey Devils held “80s Night” Thursday against the Toronto Maple Leafs. And they delivered a remarkable promo video for it, complete with old-school graphics, players dressed as everyone from Marty McFly to Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, and MSG analyst Ken Daneyko (who played with the Devils for his whole career, from 1983-2003, and is normally quite bald) in an incredible wig:

There’s even a behind-the-scenes look at that Daneyko hair flip, and a GIF of it with 80s graphics:

And he wore the wig on the broadcast:

Daneyko did actually have hair once, as seen by this General Hospital clip starring him and fellow Devils Doug Brown and John MacLean:

At any rate, the Devils had a lot of fun with “80s Night,” even using retro graphics and handing out Ghostbusters-themed Daneyko bobbleheads:

And we now know that Daneyko can pull off a mean hair flip.

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