Dion Phaneuf isn’t exactly known as one of the biggest hitters in the NHL, but he brought out the thunder in Game 2 between the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins. Roughly five minutes into the opening period, Phaneuf dished out one of the biggest open-ice hits of the year on an unsuspecting Bryan Rust.

This might be one of the most powerful hits you’ll see in the NHL.

That’s a monster hit. Phaneuf wasn’t penalized as it looked like he did everything he could to follow the rules while still demolishing Rust. There’s some contact to the head, but it doesn’t appear to be intentional.

Rust broke the golden rule of hockey – always keep your head up. As he crossed the middle of the ice, Rust seemed to completely forget that Phaneuf was sitting back in Ottawa’s zone, ready to cross over should the puck come his way. As that exact scene panned out, Rust kept his eyes down on the puck and got punished with a crushing hit.

Rust was understandably a bit dazed following the hit and was forced to head back to the dressing room. Phaneuf may not be the most intimidating player in the league (OK, he’s far from it), but that’s one hell of a check.

Remember kids – always keep your head up.

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